Barbearia Adão, the oldest barber shop in Odivelas was born in the 1960s in the historic center, next to the D. Dinis Monastery.

The program’s premise was to move the barber shop to the space adjacent to the existing one, this being a space for residential use also with access to Largo Dom Dinis and Rua Neto, but with a significantly larger area that would allow to expand the existing barber shop space and still create a space to serve wine and beer to Customers.

The project is divided into 3 spaces, the waiting room, the barber shop and the wine shop. By “reading” the existing space and the identity of the barber shop, we created a project where the sensory perception of the materials and the unconscious transport to other associated spaces was fundamental for us.
In this way, the waiting room designed in the old kitchen, allows us to indirectly “read” the old space, by maintaining the floor and chimney and by recreating the tiled walls. The vinoteca also allows us to indirectly “read” the old taverns, by the lioz floor, by the creation of a wash sink and by the brass cube that represents the service benches here. The barbershop, which is the space between the other two (waiting room and wine cellar), ends up having a floor also in hydraulic mosaic that marks the work area and the design and materials of the countertop and washbasins refer us to an identity almost ” popular “, being able to” read “in the washbasins, a washing tank, or on the wooden countertops, the cupboards of the old grocery stores.
We also wanted to create some surprise moments along the space path, such as the “Voyeur” moment that allows us to see from the barbershop the vinoteca and vice versa, allowing control of the entrances, and also to create an implicit visual effect in the succession of openings round the existing wall.

Client: Barbearia Adão
Architect: Manuel Tojal
Location: Odivelas, Lisboa
Year: 2021